French Resources

Discover French culture through TV, radio, podcasts, and more. 


TV5 Monde  

Enjoy your favourite French TV programmes online (subtitled in English and French), anytime, anywhere. Sign up online, anytime.

SBS on Demand

Free unlimited streaming of TV shows and films. Browse the selection of films and series in French (with English subtitled) and get your fill of emotions with the original version.


A streaming service with no fees and no commercials, brought to you in partnerships with libraries. Start watching and expand your world-view.

Canal + Australie

Enjoy the best of French television in Australia with 50 channels, radio and services. Contact your local participating AF for the latest offer.


SBS Easy French

Your new learning companion to entertain and inform you in French, made in partnership with Alliance Française de Melbourne.

Radio France International

RFI is a French news and current affairs public radio station that broadcasts worldwide in French (and in 13 other languages).

What The France Australia

WTF is here to give Aussie music lovers a brand and experience they can identify with and rely on to discover a selection of French artists curated for them.

News In Slow French

Immerse yourself in weekly news podcasts, interactive transcripts, and audio series with content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.



Your very own French e-library, accessible 24/7 from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. A free service for Alliance Française members. Sign up for membership and gain immediate access.


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Gallica by BNF

Gallica is the digital library created by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and its partner institutions.

Le Monde

The reference daily afternoon newspaper available online. Founded in 1944, this is considered one of the biggest French newspapers of record.



A French Government initiative, Lumni is an educational platform with free content for children from 3 to 18 years old. Videos, games, lessons, articles and much more.

L'École des Loisirs

French publishing house specialising in children's books since 1965. Their Vimeo channel includes many story books for little kids and bigger kids.

Monsieur Onde

Meet Monsieur Onde, the genius from Philarmonie de Paris. Discover classical music through educational videos and test your skills with a musical quiz.

Didier Jeunesse

A YouTube channel with songs, stories and lullabies, from every corner of the French speaking world.